Case Studies from the Agilite Team


The team at Agilite Consulting have been assisting businesses to improve productivity and performance over the past 20 years.  

Our experience spans a range of organisations and industries.  From small to medium enterprises to the Fortune 500.  From local to global.

Our team have expertise in business strategy, change management, business improvement, agile, prosci, digitalisation, learning, organisational development, marketing and ecommerce.

Here are some examples:


Client A

A medium sized manufacturing organisation contacted Agilite Consulting to discuss a project that had run off its rails.  

Timeframes had been extended and budgets blown.  The project team were feeling unmotivated and exhausted.  The original goal posts for the project had changed, as had the management, but the team were still trying to work from the original project plan.

And then they contacted the team at Agilite Consulting.

Agilite Consulting were able to swiftly define the problem, ideate and articulate the solution, gain stakeholder buy in and find a new pathway forward.

Client A loved the AGILITE APPROACH - it was both creative and solution oriented.

The established team at Client A found a new sense of ownership for the solution and the motivation and energy quickly returned to the team.

Agilite Consulting was praised for its easy, quick, light touch actions which had maximum impact in turning around the project and creating a successful outcome for all.

Client B


A small business had hit the good times - one of their products was going gang busters!  They had been hoping for this moment for quite some time.  The only concern was that they just weren't in a position to upscale the size of their business and productivity levels to meet demand.

Client B contacted Agilite Consulting to seek help.  They needed assistance to temporarily fill the gaps in the business and put new processes in place to assist their existing teams to be more productive.

Agilite Consulting was able to step in quickly, understand the requirements of the business and help with the immediate workflow spike.  Agilite Consulting also assisted the business to maximise the new opportunities created from this increased demand, and developed a plan for the business to directly increase its productivity - immediately and into the future.

The team at Agilite Consulting used their expertise in change management, project management,marketing, business strategy and management consulting to deliver the results.

Client B thanked the team at Agilite Consulting for 'saving the day' and were grateful that they were able to immediately benefit from their expertise and assistance.  

To this day, the company continues to reap the benefits from the AGILITE APPROACH.


Client C


A small business knew that it had to embrace Social Media.  Times had changed since it had been established.

It just didn't know how.  Running a business day to day was already overwhelming, and there just wasn't enough time in the day to think about blogging, posting and liking!

The team at Agilite Consulting were asked to come in and assist.  Quickly, swiftly and with a light touch, the team at Agilite Consulting set up a multi-faceted Social Media presence, upskilled the existing team, and now the company is blogging, posting and liking with ease and confidence.

Business has never been bloggier...err...better!